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River of me

We live in a world where you can passively consume and collect vast amounts of information about someone, without even knowing them.

So little effort is needed to connect with another person. With a few clicks you can discover the things they like, their big life events or who their family is. I find myself guilty of not bothering to ask these basic questions when I can easily check Facebook or stalk someone on Instagram.

But although we have the means to so easily connect, more and more we feel disconnected, lonely or depressed. These feelings are hard to shake and the obvious solution (to go out, talk to and meet people) is extremely difficult when you are captured in depression.

I wanted to explore ways to get people to connect in a different fashion. Away from social media but also not with the pressure of meeting someone in person or being in a public place.

If you want to know me you have to pay attention.

This exploration led to the "River of me" a visual essay of a life journey. A book and film set which challenges you to pay close attention. To find connections and messages in the narrative. An immersive experience which takes you on a journey of someones life.

The River books are created with images, colours, words, sounds and materials which played an important part of your life. Combined to tell your story in a unique and cryptic way. When read alongside watching the video you can see personal clues and messages.

We form connections and friendships through having common experiences or preferences, by making those things physical and immersive you can discover your connection with someone in a new way.

What might your river look or sound like?


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