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Interview on digital counterstrategies

Earlier this year I had a chat with writer and curator Marijn Bril at the Instituut of Network Cultures about graduating intangibly over Dutch Design Week and the digital counter strategy Elsa and I set up with the (G)Radio show.

Image from article Going Online: Dutch Design Week Part 1 – From 3D Rooms to Counterstrategies By Marijn Bril.

My favourite quote from the article:

When I ask Eszter Dolák, a recent DAE graduate, about her experience of bringing her work online, she says: “I guess It felt like a story that we had to tell in the space, but to put it bluntly, it was like I was giving a PowerPoint presentation.”

While I may seem like a digital scrooge, I've grown to really appreciate and value my online graduation experience... with a little hindsight.


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