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Book Reading

On Monday I went live to talk about my research into gender stereotypes and unconscious gendered bias.

This Dutch Design Week the Design Academy Eindhoven is hosting graduates on their instagram with a series called The Arena talks. I took this opportunity to discuss my discoveries about gender stereotypes and unconscious biases with the world!

I used this research booklet to help guide and inform my designing process, so naturally it is not something that is present with the final design. With this moment I decided to do a reading from the book to educate and discuss with people the ideas of gender narratives and how they are formed in childhood.

My mum also joined in the session, answering questions about gender and childhood. She noted that her own childhood was not as saturated with gendered messages as mine was, since in the 90s there was a backlash against feminism which influenced more polarising designs for girls and boys.

Sadly I didn't get any questions during the live, around 141 people tuned in over the session, but I did get lots of thumbs up and heart eyes so I'll assume they loved it and agreed with everything!


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