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So because our physical exhibition was cancelled, I decided to create a radio show! I wanted live Interviews, GradAds (so graduates can promote their projects), secret talent reveals and of course super music!

Poster graphics by Noor Boostma

With the help of my fellow graduate Elsa Sier we worked with the RaRaRadio station in Eindhoven and a group of around 15 graduates to create a 6 hour show in just 1.5weeks!

While it is a great opportunity to be able to show my projects to people on the online Dutch Design Week, I think I've never had so much fun than when I was creating and hosting this show. It was exhausting, but the only thing I would change is maybe adding in a break for lunch... What an AWEsome experience and way to lift up my fellow graduates who need and want these platforms to be able to talk about their projects in new ways that simply don't translate as digital images on a screen.

Me setting up the livestream and show schedule

Be sure to check out our instagram page @gradio.gs20 where you can learn about the graduates and hear their interviews in short podcast episodes or listen to the whole show with music here:

Massive thank you to everyone who joined in and listened along!


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