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DAE Graduation

Soon I'll be hosting my graduation projects on the Digital version of Dutch Design Week!

With physical exhibitions being irresponsible to host, we are lucky to have the Internet and web wizards to help us create a different design experience.

It is a privilege to have completed my bachelors at the Design Academy Eindhoven, and to have met and graduated with so many incredible peers. You can check out my project page and all the other 2020 graduates through this link

I graduated in the 'Leisure' department. Leisure meaning everything that is not work. But, more recently, for me it's begun to mean the moments where we get to be human.

This department pushed us to think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. To use our own life experience to create relevant design and to always, always research and validate the need for its creation.

In this bachelors we finish the year with 2 graduation projects. My department asks the students to do one client collaboration, gaining experience working with an external entity and real world issues. And, for the second project we can choose anything we like! Ahh, scary!

So here we go, my two graduation projects:

A Wish

Photo by Iris Rijskamp

While there are many movements bringing gender equal options to the market, gender differences are still very much part of our collective subconscious.

A Wish offers the opportunity to directly see how gendered stereotypes can seep into our purest choices for a child is a platform that offers expecting parents the opportunity to make a wish for what they want their child to experience or learn in life. Depending on whether they already know the sex of their child or not, the site will lead them along a different path. All wishes are stored anonymously in an archive, which will reveal to visitors the differences in wishes from parents who do or do not know the sex of their child

Devices of Leadership

Devices of Leadership is a portable tool kit which encourages groups to physically take on positions of leadership. Using simple directions, users discover what kind of leaders they are and train skills associated with other leadership styles. This tool kit celebrates as well as educates on the diversity of leadership and is aimed at professional situations or educational programmes.

Everyone can be a leader, but what kind of leader are you?

Project brief from ProDemos, house of democracy and the rule of law: Use design to encourage public involvement and understanding of democracy and the rule of law.

You can read in depth information about both these projects by clicking on the projects in the features page of my website.


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